Software Applications

When high-growth companies have several independent operating software applications , there are great challenges that arise .And they can become so severe that they may cripple the companies growth :


Disjointed processes keep employees away from optimal productivity , it increases errors such as order processing , invoicing , expense approvals , and fulfillment . For example without business software your employees may have to spend more time manually re-entering order information into the accounting and invoicing system . Such labor -intensive and manual tasks reduce the agility your company needs for growth and increase in profits earned .


When software systems are un-integrated , you have multiple overlapping databases , and cannot easily get a view of business performance in a timely fashion . Performance reports in finance , sales , marketing , service , and fulfillment departments are crucial to getting an integrated view on the company’s operations . Many give up on acquiring this information on a regular basis if it takes away a large amount of time in collecting this data . For those that do , countless hours are wasted trying to tie unrelated , error-prone , and out of date information together . Consequently business decisions either end up slowly to conclusion , or substantial mistakes can be made in the planning strategy when making risky and quick decisions not based on accurate information .


With so many separate functioning applications , IT time and money actually gets wasted , due to the requirement of integrating , and maintaining new versions of these applications . Often times when new applications are purchased , even more integration and maintenance needs to be performed for all the different versions to work together . So consequently valuable IT time that could be used to make the business more productive is wasted , while maintenance costs go up .


Customer and revenue growth are key pillars to your company’s success . Fierce competition requires that we must make sure that we can keep our customers satisfied with our services and quality of product sold . Order processing and feedback to a customer after purchasing your products or services must meet the highest standard as possible required by the industry we operate in. When customers experience poor performance in services like not getting enough information on their order status , or cannot get issues resolved in a timely manner , or have to frequently deal with products being out of stock , they will be less satisfied and less likely to continue purchasing from you . An INTEGRATED SOFTWARE SYSTEM ensures that customers have the right information and customer experience , and that your employees have immediate access to all customer information needed to service and sell to your customers .