E-commerce website


Online sales has and will increase on a continual basis . It is estimated that the revenue of a business that incorporates an e-commerce platform can increase sales over 250% in gross revenue . E-commerce brings in a lot of convenience in terms of payment processing , and the insight when placing an order , the feedback available is much more well streamed because of the interfacing between customer and store . Because online payment systems may accept different modes of payment , it makes it also easier for the business to reach customers of diverse backgrounds .


Most online shoppers hate unexpected “extras” in charges when purchase is made , therefore , you can consider bundling the cost of shipping in the price of products available in your online store . If it is not possible for technical reasons , you can offer free shipping for all orders over a specific value . In turn , this will motivate all the shoppers to add something more to their cart and enjoy free shipping offered . This is a proven method available to increase your average sales revenue . Customers expect well and professional service from their online shopping experiences . Once they are treated well from your online site , they will surely return without any hesitation . The quality in customer support service from your website , will establish a strong bond with your business , and there will be a great response from others who these customers will gladly refer your business to.


Getting noticed on the internet is one of the most difficult challenges any website faces . With so many individuals and businesses trying to get attention on the web , it may seem impossible to break through all that noise and clutter . However , it is possible for you to stand out among in the crowd , by doing the following :

1 . Creative , consistent content is king . It may be cliche and an over-used statement , but it is still true . Developing unique , consistent and valuable content is key to engaging an audience , staying in the top rankings of search databases like Google , Yahoo , and Bing , this will bring continual increase in traffic , and will attract new visitors . Guest blogging (news publications) and creating content for other websites where your ideal readers , and potential clients read , is one of the best things you can do to draw an audience back to your website .

2 . Get on the search engine optimization train , and ride it out till you complete the mission . SEO requires hard work , and expertise in the subject of internet marketing , exposure in continual and high volume publishing of your website by using techniques like special keywords placed on the search engines search pages . Make sure that your site looks good , has a simple and effective navigation system , and is a safe web portal that functions well . A keyword in your URL would not hurt either . Churning out new content on a consistent basis on your topic can place you higher in the search rankings . Don’t forget to include meta-data like tags , and descriptions in your posts . If you can get some reputable websites to link back to you , that helps position you as an authority figure as well ( guest blogging is a great way to do this) A high bounce rate will count against you , so check your analytics to see if that is an issue .

3 . Hang out where your ideal audience hangs out online with social media . Analyze which social sites your audience hangs out Twitter or Instagram , or maybe Tumblr , and most likely Facebook . Interact and engage in a conversation with them there . Share your valuable ideas and content with them . You don’t necessarily have to start the conversation . Look for people with questions about your topics and you can share your know-how in a comment back . Be sure to include links back to your website , and if they like what you have to share , they will follow your blogs and other publications , like placing stories about the subject in digital magazines , also called e-magazines .