CMS Development

Content management systems or also defined as web content management , is an application (more likely web-based) , that provides capabilities for multiple users different permission levels to manage (all or a section of) content , data or information of a website project , or in /intranet application . Managing content refers to creating , editing , archiving , publishing , collaborating on , reporting , distributing web content , data and information . An example of a CMS application is web application that provides the following administration , control panel website management functionalities :

Create , Edit , Publish , Archive web pages , Archive articles , Archive press releases , Archive blogs , edit events into an Event Calendar , Edit inventory (products) , description , product specifications , prices , photos ,manual sketched graphics etc. Enter , Edit or view orders and print packing slips and invoices , View reports and statistics site data . Create and edit system users which have different permission levels to different sections of the above mentioned administration .


When someone refers to Enterprise Content Management System , they are referring to the following definitions : A credible track record application designed to serve and support the needs of a large size organization or a large scale content management system . An application with multiple functionalities that provides a full-scale content management system tailored for company’s organization and processes . One of the biggest misconceptions about CMS is that it will eliminate a need for hiring a web developer or programmer to make changes and modifications to a website . Most CMS systems especially the Open Source CMS systems that are bloated to cover every possible functionality (whether needed or not ) will require an experienced web programmer to customize and tailor ones business needs , the objectives and , for maintaining a large scale project .

If you have a small business and the cost is a factor in developing your website , you may consider an application that does not require a substantial number of programming hours in set up and on-going maintence . Most CMS systems are written by programmers who usually do not have the skills in design branding and usability experience . That is why most out-of-the box open source CMS sites have no customized branding and personality , which is important in recognition on the web to benefit sales and company growth. One of the important ingredients for a websites success is to build a brand that users can remember , revisit and tell their friends and associates about your business.